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Let's get these eggs.

We are approaching the 1 year anniversary of having first acquiring our own chickens!

In the last year, we have:

  • Raised chicks of multiple breeds.

  • Built 2 coops completely DIY.

  • Kept them alive during freezing temperatures.

  • Kept them safe from the dogs and pigs.

  • Tried, failed and succeeded in finding the most efficient ways to get them fresh water.

  • Found eggs in the strangest places.

  • Slaughtered, rendered, frozen and cooked our very own chicken meat.

  • Been privileged to be able to share some of the most delicious eggs with others, as well as ourselves.

In the future, we are interested in learning more about incubating the eggs our beautiful hens lay here on the homestead so that we won't have to rely so heavily on shipping chicks from hatcheries.

Raising your own chickens can either be a lot harder than you think or a lot easier than you expected - it can even sometimes be both. LoL

I have found that no matter how difficult it can occasionally be, it is still absolutely worth it.

Stick with us as we continue our journey toward becoming more self-sufficient here at Forever Homestead!

Let's get these eggs...

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