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Another little Egg-venture

The littlest caretaker of the Forever Homestead joins me on this Egg-venture!

Amerisa LOVES the chickens, but mostly just singing to and about them.

She does, however, seem to like when they let her pet them.

It's crazy, though, because they don't really let her father or I come up to them that much...

But they don't seem to mind HER. LoL

The fact that she's even a reality is proof that the difficult can be done (we'll share that story in a blog post/video all it's own), and it's important to us that she sees how doable the Homestead lifestyle is, even if it doesn't seem so at first.

Plus, this child do be eatin' some eggs, y'all.

Thanks for joining us here at Forever Homestead on this journey toward becoming self-sufficient.

Looking forward to more little Egg-ventures!

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