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Another One of Our Roosters

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Rooster Protecting is flock

This is a Dark Cornish Cross rooster.

If you follow any of our Facebook, TikTok or YouTube videos, you"ll know that we have such a hard time making friends with this guy.

He is aggressive, but mostly out of what we assume is his need to protect the eggs his ladies lay.

But, look at those feathers! Ugh, he's gorgeous!

Why does he have to be so mean?!

Why can't we just coexist?!

He struts around the yard, making sure his presence is known with his loud, gravely voice, as if anyone would miss him. He's big and so pretty.

We don't really have a name for him, except a word that we'll not write here because it's not exactly PG. LoL

The ladies that look like him we call "Becky," so whatever we ever officially name him should maybe start with a B.

World, meet this beautiful jerk.

Help us name him!

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