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It's There, and It's There For YOU!

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Chicken lay eggs everywhere

My God owns the cattle of a thousand hills, and the potatoes in those hills, and the dandelions that dress the hills.

And He may require you to raise and slaughter the cattle, or cover the potatoes in more dirt, or learn how to make oil out of those dandelions, but doggone it, it's there, and it's there for you.

And He knows you can't always figure that stuff out by yourself, so, He's got YouTubers making tutorials and friends with a library's worth of PDFs on how to do all that that just share it without you realizing you needed it later.

And He knows that not everyone can do all that stuff, so He puts it in one person's heart to do this and another person's heart to do that and ways to connect for everything we all need.

I'm tired of solely relying on what's at the grocery store to feed my family. It might be a while before it gets to where I want it, but we are gonna learn, Lord willing, how to do as much of this stuff ourselves as possible.


Can't wait to get back out in my greenhouse. LoL

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