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I thought it would be gross...

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Chickens & Hygiene

What has kept you from raising YOUR OWN chickens?

I can tell you what kept us from having our own until we just decided to dive in and do it here at Forever Homestead, to give it a try.

Firstly, I thought it would be gross.

I thought that having our own chickens would make everything smell, that everything would be covered in poop, that they'd make everything dirty.

And, yeah, all animals poop - including chickens.

And when you give farm fresh eggs to someone who has only ever used store bought eggs, you have to warn them about the "bloom" on the eggs which, if you didn't know any better, you would think was just poop.

But, soon after we got chickens, I remembered how fun it was to actually get my hands dirty.

And while I am the mother of the biggest fan of pink unicorns, I see my daughter at her happiest when she is doing the same with learning to cook, learning to use markers, learning to plant seeds, and all the things that have to be cleaned up afterwards.

Sure, chickens, and all animals can be gross - but the balanced exposure to germs for our kids is what makes them strong, and the dirt and possible poop I have to wash off when I come back inside from getting these eggs doesn't compare to what I get in return for raising chickens and making them a part of our home and our lives.

So, yeah, it CAN be gross - but so what?

So is a buffet, and we go to those willingly, all the time. LoL

There's more on the list of what kept us from having chickens of our own in the past, so stay tuned for more blog posts about that.

Thanks for joining us on this journey toward becoming self-sufficient here at Forever Homestead!

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