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Egg-Ventures in the Making.

I ventured forth once more today into the heart of darkness, the coop within which the winged creatures sometimes dwell, the one reinforced for against their demise in the cold and howling winds of winter.

The creatures are mostly docile, except for one.

This beast is arrayed in unnatural beauty, but within his heart, there lies a deep anger, a rage uncaged when he sees me approach.

I simply wish to stave off the dangers of hunger and poverty for my own brood, but he will have none of it.

By now, one would assume he and I had an understanding, something held together delicately with the promise of food between us - I with the corn and protection to roam and gather his own, and he the precious stones he greedily protects.

But alas - we are still at odds, unnecessary enemies, deeply afraid one of another, and without remedy, I fear.

I will, however, continue to venture forth each day in this same pursuit, and will chronicle my journey as oft as possible.

Thank you for joining me on another Egg-venture here at Forever Homestead.

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